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Presenting a new capsule collection of pure white shirts, with something for everyone's wardrobe. You'll reach for these lasting pieces one season after another.

The classic shirt

A minimal design with detailing makes this piece perfect for timeless wardrobes

The utilitarian shirt

An elongated shape, this piece references traditional utility wear                      

The shaped shirt

With its circle-cut construction, this rounded shirt gently collapses on the body

The functional shirt

A versatile garment, this rounded shirt can be worn in new, creative ways

The voluminous shirt

A geometrical construction creates the ballooning look of this piece

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Inside the Atelier

  • We started by reversing the design process. Details such as cuffs and collars came first, with the designers building each shirt on the body – piece by piece.

  • When the 3D model was ready, then came the sketching and the silhouettes were captured on paper.

  • As a final step, it was down to our team in the atelier to craft and tailor the pieces.

  • The attention to detail that came from this three-dimensional, hands-on approach shows on each garment.

  • There’s always something to discover – whether it’s a button fastening, a carefully placed drape detail or simply the feeling of the fabric against the body.

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