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Here are five of our favourite art exhibitions and galleries to visit around
the world, no matter how old you are.

1. Discover a digital world in Tokyo

An immersive exhibition that moves with you. The boundaries between people and art become hazy in this digital landscape. Visit Borderless by teamLab at the MORI Building Digital Art Museum:

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2. Play with shapes in a Swedish forest

Jacob Dahlgren' sculpture is a maze-like structure that invites you to explore it – like a very colourful climbing frame. Visit Wan ås Konst all year round to see work by Dahlgren and many more artists:

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3. Find hidden sculptures in upstate New York

Towering, abstract sculptures appear here, there and everywhere, as you wander through 500 acres of wilderness in the Hudson Valley. Visit the Storm King Art Center all year round:

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4. Get lost in a giant web in Yorkshire

Lose yourself in Chiharu Shiota's ethereal installation made of thread, housed in an 18th century chapel at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Visit the park all year round:

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5. Fly to the moon near Copenhagen

Take a trip to see our closest neighbour in space, via a mixture of art, science, virtual reality, design and film. Visit The Moon: From Inner Worlds to Outer Space at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art:

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