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At COS, design is at the center of everything that we do. We take inspiration from a wide range of disciplines to create our timeless collections. We believe that connecting with like-minded people will generate a conversation, so we reached out to some of our friends at Parsons School of Design in New York to hear what matters to them when it comes to style and why they wear COS.

At this transitional time of year when we return to school, college or work after the summer months and start to dress for a new season, we spoke to the students, alumni and faculty members of this iconic institution…

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Photographer: James Ewing

Parsons School of Design has offered students innovative approaches to education since its creation in 1896. Today, it is the only American art and design school within a comprehensive university, The New School, which also houses a rigorous liberal arts college and a progressive performing arts school. Their undergraduate and graduate programs immerse students in focused training, interdisciplinary inquiry and practice-based collaborative learning. At Parsons, creators and scholars master established art and design fields and advance emerging ones while studying a range of university disciplines.

Chukwukadibia Orji

Student of Fashion Design

‘I’m not the kind of person who wears a brand because they are trending. The brands values and beliefs and how I connect to them is why I wear their clothing.’

After being born in Nigeria and having spent his early childhood there, Chukwukadibia and his family moved to the United States. Finding a new home in America, he developed interest in the world of arts and a refined taste for design. Studying at Parsons, he’s hoping to use his multifaceted Nigerian-American upbringing to create clothing that highlight artisanal craftsmanship.

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Francesca Sammaritano

Director of AAS Fashion Design

‘I add new items to my wardrobe each season as it is easy to coordinate the old with the new. My favorite items from COS are the dresses, they are easy to wear and always current in style.’

A Parsons alumna, Francesca worked as a fashion designer for a number of years after her graduation. She was approached by her former school with a teaching opportunity and she soon became a faculty member. Inspired by her students and the school, she slowly transitioned to her current role.

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Tiffany Piko

Student of Sustainable Fashion

‘One of the things that I have always appreciated with COS is its emphasis on creating clothing to be used in the long term while remaining accessible.’

Funding her own education in design by running a second-hand online business, Tiffany has a passion for sustainability. Leading by example, she’s an avid advocate for change. At 22 years of age, she became the first woman of color under 40 to run for mayor in Lancaster, Ohio with a zero-cost campaign utilizing existing resources and donations.


Dotun Abeshinbioke

Student of Communication Design

‘I like COS because of the colors and silhouettes, I love mixing and matching block colors and simple silhouettes that I can dress up or down.’

Exploring art and design through accessories and currently studying at Parsons, Dotun founded her own design label a result of a school project. Determined to combine her love for fashion with a variety of techniques, ábikè was conceived: a brand that presents bold pieces, made to be treasured.


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Muriel Favaro

Teacher of Fashion Product

My personal style is minimal, contemporary classic and elegant. I am inspired by art and design, COS is a perfect fit for me.’

Muriel is an artist and part-time faculty member of Parsons. Her background within the art, fashion and design scene is remarkable and spans across Switzerland, the States, Canada and Hong Kong. Having held titles such as Senior Director and Accessories Design Director at world-renowned brands, Muriel currently utilizes her skills as a design consultant.


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