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The layers of COS

Introducing our Autumn Winter 2018 menswear: a collection informed by soft tailoring, rich textures and, most importantly, inventive layering.

We asked five friends of COS to explore this concept. To start with, what is ‘layering’? Does it only apply to clothes...? With an open brief in mind, our group made up of designers, creative directors and a chef used a range of mediums to convey what layering means to them. Some turned to the garments, while others chose more abstract routes.

Seungji Mun

Furniture Designer, South Korea

Seungji Mun runs his eponymous creative studio, MUN from Seoul and Copenhagen. He combines an ethos of reducing waste in the furniture production process with a philosophy that the maker’s role is to tell stories through design. 



John Gall

Designer, United States

Graphic designer by profession, John Gall is a creative with many strings to his bow. Alongside producing arresting book cover images for publishing houses and teaching in New York, he makes collages – this personal work has been documented in hardcover by ABRAMS this year.


Jaewon Kim

Creative Director, South Korea


Jaewon Kim is creative director of multiple ventures in Seoul and a professor of living design. Zagmachi and Or.Er are inviting, multifunctional cafés that house art exhibitions and events. Kim's store, WxDxH focuses on considered design for life and the home.


Tony Cederteg

Art Director, Belgium


Originally from Stockholm, Tony Cederteg is an art director based in Antwerp. He is the founder and director of Libraryman, an independent publishing venture that works with artists and creatives from around the world to produce unique photography books. 


Frederik Bille Brahe

Chef, Denmark


Chef and owner, Frederik Bille Brahe is at the centre of Copenhagen’s progressive food scene. Apollo Bar & Kantine is a welcoming space within the Kunsthal Charlottenborg gallery and Atelier September champions seasonality. His most recent venture, Kafeteria is a bakery in Statens Museum for Kunst.


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