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Autumn Winter 2019

Captured in a rural setting on England’s southeast coast, our collection for the season is revealed. Exploring scale and proportion, key pieces are framed against the backdrop of the landscape .

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COS Buildings

A Neoclassical bank in Sydney, a modern edifice in Istanbul and a theatre built in 1920s Los Angeles. Discover the stories behind COS stores around the world.

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Ginza, Tokyo

Located in Tokyo’s vibrant Ginza district, this store is characterised by a striking façade featuring curved windows and arches, which nod to ancient architecture.

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Grand Hôtel-Dieu, Lyon

This former hospital set on the banks of the Rhône has a hidden history that dates back over 800 years

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Martin Place, Sydney

Discover the Neoclassical splendour of a building that was once the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, complete with Grecian columns and ornate marble


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Our Autumn Winter 2019 womenswear collection draws inspiration from both monumental architecture and the tranquil mood of escaping to nature.

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Discover a collection of things that inspire us from around the world...


There’s more to explore

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Explore a collection made to last beyond the season. Discover modern design, timeless style and understated detail.
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Focusing on form and functionality, our menswear incorporates traditional methods and innovative new techniques to create a timeless collection
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Find playful styles for little ones in a range of colourful shades and simple shapes. Soft fabrics and tactile elements create an easy, everyday collection. 

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Our littlest styles may be small but they’re big on colour, ease and comfort. Discover a collection for tiny wardrobes.