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COS × Serpentine Galleries Park Nights 2015

This year COS is supporting Park Nights, a programme of live events on art, performance, theatre, film and poetry hosted by the Serpentine Galleries in the 2015 Pavilion.



Designed by Madrid-based architects selgascano, the multi-coloured translucent space consists of panels of a translucent,
multi-coloured fluorine-based polymer (ETFE) and forms a vibrant backdrop to the
Park Nights programme.


This year the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion Commission celebrates its 15th anniversary. The Pavilion, constructed each year on the Gallery’s lawn, is designed by an international architect who has not yet completed a building in England. Award-winning studio selgascano headed by José Selgas and Lucía Cano, is the first Spanish architecture practice to take part in the commission.


“We felt that the pavilion needed to connect with nature, feel part of the landscape and pay tribute to previous designs while engaging visitors so we looked for a way to allow the public to experience architecture through simple elements such as structure, light, transparency, shadows, form, surprise, colour and materials.”

– selgascano


In celebration of this year’s Park Nights programme, we have designed a limited edition backpack for both men and women. Functional and modern, the backpack is made from soft canvas with a leather trim. Proceeds from the sale of the backpack will be donated to the Serpentine Trust.



Serpentine Pavilion
Kensington Gardens
W2 3XA