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COS × Snarkitecture, Seoul

Drawing inspiration from COS’s love of playful, modern design, New York-based practice Snarkitecture has created an interactive installation based on the childhood memory of marble games.



Loop is a series of sinuous and suspended sloped tracks that curve through the gallery creating an array of uniquely kinetic moments as the visitor’s vantage point changes.

Using precision engineering, the sculpture is brought to life by a steady hum of white glass marbles gliding along the interwoven tracks. Breaking through the boundaries of the gallery, the track and the marbles continue to the adjoining room to collect into a sea of scattered discarded marbles, inviting guests to explore, contemplate and reflect.



There are approximately 100,000 marbles in the gallery space, each made from glass and measuring 25mm in diameter

Four unique tracks intertwine to create a complex labyrinth with 400 linear meters of track, each one 100m in length
“Children and play inspire our work. The way that children interact with our physical and architectural surroundings is completely different to adults.”

— Snarkitecture
One marble is released every five seconds on to a random track to create a rhythmic yet surprising moment.
Visit Loop at:
Gana Art Center
28 Pyeongchang 30-gil
Jongno-gu, Seoul

8 – 19 November 2017
10am – 7pm