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Make an everyday sculpture
with artist Harold Offeh

Sculptures come in all kinds of forms. There are no rules when you’re creating them. And they’re definitely not just for art galleries․․․

What you’ll need: objects from around the house.

Gather together small things from around your home. These can be similar or they can all be different. Washing up sponges or plastic cups from the kitchen work well. Sharp knives and expensive porcelain vases work less well…

Play with your objects. Stack, rotate, balance and repeat.


Experiment with different constructions.

Got the hang of it? Try scaling up your sculpture. Look around the house for larger objects, such as sofa cushions or washing up bowls. You could even add your body to the sculpture: balance on it or sandwich yourself between the layers.

Just be sure to clear some space, because even the most meticulously planned sculptures made by the most experienced sculptors can occasionally come tumbling down…

By Harold Offeh and COS