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COS × The Book Society

We have partnered with The Book Society, a Seoul-based publishing project to create a reading area, bookstore and exhibition space in the project space of our Cheongdam store in Seoul.

Featuring a broad selection of titles on art, design and literature, the space will host a changing exhibition programme by three Seoul-based artists, Eve Kwak, Shin Shin and Min Guhong Manufacturing between July and October. Each will create new original work that explores the mediums of print, visual design and the written word.


The final exhibition in the programme, Examples by one-man paper company Min Guhong Manufacturing, presents an installation that investigates the written word, visual representation and the colour red.

The exhibition draws upon Min Guhong’s previous work and aims to offer a series of surprising coincidences.

‘I think the form of the work is important, but also the beauty of the content and the context and situations that connect form to content.’

– Min Guhong Manufacturing

Examples will run from
10th September - 15th October

Project Space, 4th floor
COS Cheongdam
Apgujeong-ro 418
Gangnam-gu, Seoul