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Exercises In Light

Four photographic assistants in this season’s fashion and an array of lighting conditions

Photography by Chloé Le Drezen, styling by Lyson Marchessault

Light Leak

Wynston, 24, has been assisting for three years. He is wearing a Bordeaux-coloured

cotton crew-neck top

and a mauve

wool suit.


On shoots Wynston often stands for hours at a time holding heavy spotlights. He is wearing a pure-white

cotton-poplin shirt

with stone-coloured

linen-blend trousers.

Red Gel

Marsy, 30, has been assisting for nearly seven years. She is wearing a heather-coloured

silk slip dress

with an olive-green

cotton trench coat

and sterling silver

hoop earrings with pendulum stones.

Natural Light

Marsy’s favourite shooting condition is the golden period shortly after sunrise or before sunset. She is wearing a butter-coloured

silk-blend shirt

with a deep-brown

viscose suit

and sterling silver

hoop earrings.

Single Light

Ibby, 22, has been an assistant for three years. He is wearing a mauve

cotton crew-neck top

with Bordeaux-coloured

nylon trousers.


Ibby feels that trust is the most important part of the relationship between photographer and assistant. He is wearing a white

bonded-cotton T-shirt

with a grey-melange

wool suit.


Orchid, 27, has been assisting for five months. She is wearing a moiré

knitted jacquard T-shirt

with a moiré

knitted jacquard pencil skirt.

Dual Light

Orchid’s typical duties on set include setting up lights, loading film, changing cameras and holding reflective sheets. She is wearing an off-white

organic cotton dress

with sterling silver

hoop earrings.

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