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Bergdala Gård, Kivik, Sweden

Viewfinder by Snøhetta, 2007

Occupying a stretch of farmland and deciduous forest in Österlen, in the southeast Swedish county of Scania, the Kivik Art Centre is a beautiful spot where architecture and sculpture freely coexist with nature.

It was founded in 2006 as a place where art can be created and appreciated in the open air. The first visitors that year saw a series of open-ended concrete “viewfinder” cubes, large enough to walk through, by the Norwegian design practice Snøhetta. Since then, many other artists and architects have been commissioned to make works or take up residencies on the hilly, 15-hectare site. Some pieces are temporary, others permanent. An 18-metre tall concrete tower by the artist Antony Gormley and the architect David Chipperfield stands in a wooded glade, its three cuboid sections stacked up experimentally.

Sculpture for the Subjective Experience of Architecture
by Antony Gormley and David Chipperfield, 2008

This year, a large brick work by the late minimalist artist Sol LeWitt its castellated silhouette cutting through the Swedish scenery was the latest addition to a sculpture park where the human desire to build interplays with nature.
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Himlatrappan by Gert Wingårdh, 2013
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Refugium by Petra Gipp, 2010

Photography by Gerry Johansson