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Looking ahead to the new season, we speak to HAY founders Mette and Rolf Hay about their springtime rituals and the timeless nature of their design philosophy…


Spring is traditionally a time for clearing out and dusting down, do you have any rituals around this time of year?

Mette Hay: I start biking to work again around this time of year. The weather is changing and getting on my bike in the morning is the best way to start the working day.

Rolf Hay: When spring is coming I start longing for our summer cottage in the north of Denmark and try to drive up there as much as I can. I also make an effort to be outside more, playing soccer in the garden with the kids and going to the skate park.


Your outdoor furniture series, Palissade (pictured above), blends harmoniously into both urban and natural environments, how do you achieve this balance?

Rolf Hay: It isn’t often that a product can fit both urban and more natural landscape, but this is one of the privileges of working with Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. While the Palissade collection has a distinct character, it also has the capability of fitting seamlessly into all nsurroundings. The palette is ideal for both environments; green, the colour of nature, and asphalt and white, the colours of the city.

COS and HAY share a belief in timelessness; how would you say your collection transcends the season?

Rolf Hay: The Palissade collection is actually a great example of a product that is designed for the outdoors, but intended for all seasons. The collection is made of steel so it is strong and reliable – it won’t blow away in the wind or disappear in the snow. In general, we want people to buy things that they can treasure for many years, not throw away.

When at home, how do you keep your living space looking and feeling fresh?

Mette Hay: We use the fireplace a lot in the winter, but in spring we bring in a lot of fresh flowers and green plants. When the weather changes almost all of our weekends are spent by the water, about an hour outside Copenhagen.

Which everyday objects do you treasure most?

Mette Hay: We like to work with functional products, a clever idea or everyday object with a twist. At the moment I am very happy with our Tann Toothbrush. More than anything it is an object for everyday and I am so pleased that it’s part of the HAY collection.

What are the key principles you live by?

Mette Hay: We are very lucky to work with what we are passionate about and with people we like, and that’s essential to our everyday lives.

Rolf Hay: I read an interview with Patricia Urquiola where she said that being obsessed with beautiful things, for her, it is not important to own all these things. For her, it's more important to know that they exist. I think that's very well said. Although we are working with something many people would say has a materialistic character, I think it's also a way of finding a life that isn't only about material things.

Would you say you’re green-fingered?

Mette Hay: Unfortunately not! But we really enjoy the natural Danish landscape, our gardens are simple with native plants.

And finally, what are your plans for the season ahead?

Rolf Hay: We just relaunched the fantastic Result chair and Pyramid table collection by Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld so I am looking very much forward to working with the new collection this season.

Mette Hay: My goal for the season ahead is simple; to spend many weekends with the kids at our summer house.