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Celebrating 10 years of COS

To mark our tenth year, we present a limited edition collection that celebrates our commitment to innovation and craftsmanship. Created through close collaboration between our pattern-makers and designers, each garment is constructed from pieces that fit together like a puzzle, minimising waste material.

01. This dress is formed by four identical rectangles creating an angular silhouette and no waste fabric. Made from a technical cotton-mix, it has an unusually wide seam that also acts as the internal facing of the arm opening.
02. The amount of gathering on the waistband of these technical cotton-mix shorts is dictated by the width of the total pattern, one of a series of careful calculations that make full use of the fabric.
03. A pleasing consequence of efficient use of material is the internal geometry it creates within garments. For example, the curved hem of this sand-coloured technical cotton-mix jacket echoes the curve of its sleeve heads.
04. Adding functionality to an otherwise reduced design, the pockets on the front of this cotton poplin top are created from the square pieces left over when the sleeves were cut out.
05. With the shape of the hem determining the shape of the sleeve heads, the design of this cotton poplin shirt dress uses up any surplus fabric to show the geometric potential of a single length of fabric.
06. Deceptive in its simplicity, this skirt has no side seams. Shaped by darts at the waist to avoid fabric waste, it is made from a crisp technical cotton mix and features a front zip fastening for a clean finish.
07. Ancient garment-making techniques were key references in creating this sand-coloured technical cotton-mix kimono coat. It features a wide, detachable belt that can be tied in a variety of different ways.
08. This cotton poplin top is formed by geometric pieces that fit together like a jigsaw. With a squared, boxy shape, it features a vertical opening on the front seam to create a simple slit neckline.
09. This children’s A-line dress features playful fish-shaped appliqué created from the pieces leftover when cutting out the armholes and neckline. The zip length is exactly half the length of the dress, creating the two pieces needed for the zip guard.
10. Design details such as the sleeve tabs and hidden button placket on this children’s shirt are made from leftover pieces, the result of resourceful pattern positioning. Made from a technical cotton mix, it also features fish-shaped appliqué.