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‘A favourite at COS HQ: timeless, minimal design with a few surprising details.’

This month: discover our must-have coats of the season.

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harry nuriev


Take five: Harry Nuriev 


The architect and artist answers our quickfire questions on nature, style and sustainability. 



COS buildings: From Zürich to NYC 


Explore the sustainable innovations and design inspirations behind COS stores around the world. 

amanda parker


Curated by: Amanda Parker 


The diversity activist on the things that inspire her, plus what to read, watch and listen to now. 



The COS Catch up


Listen in, as two friends from the world of contemporary culture catch up in our debut podcast series…

Last Month

Seungji Mun

‘I want to inspire people to continue the conversation around sustainability.’

Creative Seungji Mun talks designing (and dreaming) for the future.

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Store locator: Antwerp


Store locator: Antwerp


An insider’s guide: from where to stay to what to eat, eight locals share the best of the city they call home.

From us, to you: Cashmere


From us, to you: Cashmere


COS head of sustainability talks Better Cashmere and how to build a long-lasting wardrobe. 

A day with Jack Draper


A day with Jack Draper


Morning warm up, evening cool down and everything in between: the tennis star shares his daily rituals.