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The 2015 London Contemporary Music Festival, in partnership with COS, will take place in the industrial surrounds of Central London’s Ambika P3. The vast subterranean venue will play host to a diverse programme, celebrating new experimental music and sound art from around the world.



Presenting a diverse range of unique performances by emerging and established artists, each day is curated to a particular theme; from exploring the fringes of London’s music scene and reimagining opera to world premiere installations of oceanic recordings and a retrospective on the sounds of the American West Coast.

To mark our support of the festival, we commissioned NOWNESS to create a film set to the music of selected artists from the programme. Directed by Leigh Johnson, The Jellyfish explores the experimental soundscapes of Pauline Oliveros, Ellen Fullman and Maggi Payne through the story of a cross-species friendship.


Ambika P3
University of Westminster
35 Marylebone Road

11 – 17 December 2015
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