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Creating with Shapes

New design book Creating with Shapes explores an innovative approach to design devised by Royal College of Art teacher and long-time COS collaborator Usha Doshi.

The first title published by COS, we are celebrating its launch with a limited edition 11 piece womenswear collection that uses the inventive methods and techniques Usha has pioneered.

Usha first discovered the technique by watching her grandchildren play with fabric; as they cut out simple geometric shapes, she discovered that these shapes could be used to form intricate folds, drapes and pleats without using excessive fabric or complex darts and seams. Developing this discovery into an innovative creative solution, Usha collaborated with COS to share her ideas in print with the hope of inspiring creatives around the world and across all disciplines.


Designed using Usha Doshi’s technique, the Creating with Shapes collection features 11 womenswear pieces in an understated palette of navy, oatmeal and optic white.