COS × Dia

COS × Dia
Dorothea Rockburne
May 2018, New York

We’ve partnered with Dia Art Foundation to celebrate the Dorothea Rockburne exhibition at Dia:Beacon. Rockburne’s art has been a significant inspiration for COS, and this season we’ve created a collection focused around her work with paper.


Dia, taken from the Greek word meaning “through,” was founded in 1974 with a commitment to advancing, realising and preserving the vision of artists. Dia fulfils this mission by commissioning new projects, organising temporary exhibitions and displaying its own collection at Dia:Beacon and Dia:Chelsea, as well as maintaining site-specific works in New York City, the American West and Germany.

COS looks to the world of art and design for inspiration, and has always supported the arts – working with established and emerging artists, galleries and creative studios. We’re proud to support Dia; many artworks within its collection are by artists who have influenced us in some way.

Occupying a former Nabisco box printing factory, Dia:Beacon sits on the banks of the Hudson River in upstate New York. Visiting the site is a journey in itself; since 2003, it has helped transform the city of Beacon into a vibrant arts destination. Beginning May 2018, Dia:Beacon presents an exhibition of works by Dorothea Rockburne.



Dorothea Rockburne


New York-based artist Dorothea Rockburne trained as a painter in Montreal. Her work is informed by studies in art, dance, mathematics and philosophy at Black Mountain College in North Carolina. Upon leaving Black Mountain College, she began focusing on a procedural form of working, manipulating materials according to mathematical logic. This lead her to explore new structural possibilities; her approach in the exhibition at Dia:Beacon uses a range of methods and materials, from paper folding and tearing to applying oil, grease and tar. This exhibition will feature some of her signature large-scale works from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

“What beautiful art does is it makes you stop.
It changes your time perspective.”

Dorothea Rockburne

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